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Ashram History
In this age of life fall of stress, every one of the man kind is constantly in search of happiness, peace and joy.
Man Expects to drive happiness and joy from the material objects in the world. But visualisation worlds of Rev. Gurudev say what ? "Man roams the entire world in search of happiness but he gets unhappiness only and more unhappiness as long as he is attached to the material world."
Based on Rev. Bapu's own experiences avd essence life, he asks how can one get eternal happiness from possession and deprivation of material things of the world ? man enjoys worldly pleasures in his entire life, but unless and until he frees himself of the yearning for enjoyment of material pleasures he shall not experience enthral happiness, peace and joy.
Moreover, in view of the outside material world, to-days man has made progress in luteleaval field, but in view of the saints and eminent men , he is much for behind in the spiritual field.
"Body is just a medium money, children, wealth, all are just the mediums."
But man believes that wealth and children are the goals. In this age of materialistic consumption, man has lost his true wisdom. Therefore, his way of living has also become like one that of an animal and full material indulgence, fear, unhappiness, helplessness, craving and darkness. Man's life has become like that of an "Owl" (nocturnal bird).
By their preaching based on their own realizations, the saints call aloved to all the soving again and again and beat the drums to awaken the sovls from their deep sleep of worldly attachments.
The preachings of Rev. Gurudev Shree Amar Jyoti Swaroop "Narayan Giri Bapu" and full of sensitivity, compassion and true meaning. Rev. Gurudev possessed one special trait it his life that he preached his sermons only attar implementing them in his own life as far as possible.