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Such of the great men have made immeasurable and untiring exertions / filied with compassion and to extinguish the life long sufferings of each and every living being.
The words of such great men are the best remedy for rehiving one self from the "sufferings of worldly matters" and to "get peace". But if these sermous are implemented in life so the sermous of such saints are much pathetic, heart piercing and full of inner meantime, derivative and equal to Vedas.
"Even the bitter worlds of saints turn to sweet heater when assimilated, and thereby life's sufferings and remedied and one possesses a gold like body". Such medicating worlds, or even better than medication and ever best than mythical stone of parasmani.
The touch, look, word or contact of such a saint is indescribable, such as
"alert your soul and you will feel full enlightenment, thirst does not quench by mirage so do not hope for it, get rid of your superiority complex and imbibe the worlds of the true saint". Rev. Bapu says that just as the fire blazes again in embers covered with ashes, when blown with a strong putt in the same way the process of achievement of out joy and happiness is covered in the ashes of our un-knowledge and ignorance. The words of the saints act as a "Putt" just as we can see our face clearly in mirror when dirt is removed from the mirror, in the same way when ignorance and attachment are discarded, one who contemplates and meditates the sermous achieves self contemplates and meditates the sermous achieves self realization. By this self-realization one becomes introvert and can achieve true happiness.
Rev. Gurudev adds further in the above verse that just as one cannot quench hoe's thirst with the mirage, in the same way thirst is not evinced by last full marerials.
One should let go one's superiority complex (ego) and attachment of oue's physical from and makes one's life worthwhile by following the words of a true saint
"Knowledge is achieved through a guru, as also the fruits of worship , guru makes our body eternal and he teaches fifth Veda to us"
By his words derived form self-experiences Sadguru Maharah opens up deep and provoked secrets of knowledge and salvation to desiring curous ones. These secrets and hot there in Vedas and pureness. And he makes them experience diving satisfactions.
Here is one humble effort by "Shivasharam Seva Samity" to get printed this second edition of "Shiv Krupa Bhajanmala" which is the holy rhymes of first founder of Shiveshram Rev. Amar Jyoti Narayangiri Bapu, and reach it to his close disciples in order to enhance their feelings and faith in him. If any of the followers implements any of his worlds in his life, he shall be blassed and gratified and the efforts made by the committee will be worth while.
It is our request that is there is any error in printing of any defect in this booklet the reader class shall take it as our lesser wisdom, correct the defect and shall study and contemplate on it.
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Om namo narayan from
sadguru charanraj
Shri Hansdevgiri apu on
Behalf of Shivashram Seva Committee.