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Shree Hansdevgiri Bapu Shree Narayangiri Bapu
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“Shivashram” is pious place which is ‘Samadhi Sthal’ of the great saint named Shree Narayangiri Bapu. This holy place is established at a small town Navagam in Jamnagar District (Gujarat- India).

Navagam is the Karmabhumi (working Place) of well known saint Narayangiri Bapu. The life style of this pious and great saint has been innovative as well as inspiring to huminity. He passed through many hardship, social problems and economic crisis, yet he had immense faith in lord. Giving stress to ‘karma’, he continued to help society. He provided basic needs to the poors, saints and needy peoples. Selling his own little property, he did this noble cause. Simplicity, Service to humanity, Satsang, Truth and Realization of lord are the main objectives of his life. He successfully led his social life along with his religious works. The fragrance of his knowledge is being kept spread all over even today.

Shree Hanshdevgiri Bapu, the eldest son of Narayangiri Bapu walks on religious path shown by his father after his death, he has truly adopted the Yog-Sadhana and Meditation to be a real saint, imported by his Guru Narayangiri Bapu. He has set up a big ‘Sjovashram’, at ‘his Samadhi Sthal’ in Navagam according to his Gurudev’s call, nobody else but his own father, Narayangiri Bapu. He is gifted with “Shivmahapuran Scripture” by his Guru when he was quite young and today he recites ‘Shivmahapuran Scripiture’ for the spiritual development of society. He believes that ‘Shivmahapuran’ is the only remedy of all human and social problems.

To perform this noble cause, he has recited Shivmahapuran scripture not only in the area of Saurashtra, Kutch, South Gujarat but also at Jyotirlinga (home paces of lord Shiva) like SOmnath, Rameswaram, Mahakaleswar, Kedarnath and also of Kailash Mansarovar(Nepal) as well as at Nairobi and Mombasa in East Africa and London. Through his hard work and profound knowledge, he has earned name and fame as an ‘International Shiv Kathakar’ today.

Under the leadership of Shree Hanshdevgiri Bapu, Shivashram is achieving great height in India, variety of mahotsavs (celebration) are regularly celebrated at Shivashram. Among these Gurupurnima (includes ‘Paduka Pujans’, ‘Sobha Yatra’, ‘Satsang’, ‘Santvani’) Shivratri Mahotsav (includes, ‘Parthiv Ling Puja’, ‘Yagna Karya’, ‘Bal-Bhojan’) Navratri Mahotsav are the majors. Recently celebrated Patotsav of Shree Siddheswar Mahadev (a Holy temple of Lord Shiva at Shivashram). All this activities of Shivashram are awakening spiritual soul of people and creating holy atmosphere in the society.

Shivashram is also performing many social works such as ‘Nitya Yagna’, free food facility for the poor, Ayurvedic Aushadhalay, Uplifment of the need of the needy people. Cattle Capm (Gau-Seva). In addition to that ‘Sarva Nidan Camp is regularly arranged at this pious place. Co-Branches of Shivashram are also in action today. An educational institute and Gau-Sala are going to be established in near future according to the innovative ideas of Guru Narayangiri Bapu.

In short, the main purpose of Shivashram is to awaken Spirituality, Simplicity, Modesty and Honesty in human beings and to establish love, brotherhood and peace in the world. In India all these activities are taking shape under the guidance of the holy personality Pujya Shree Hansdevgiri Bapu.
With Aum Namah Narayana
Shivashram Seva Samiti,