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Biography of Rev. Gurudev   Rev. Gurudev Shri Narayangiri Bapu
"Vajradapi Kartrhurani Mrudhini kusumadipi
Loko Tarana Chetansi Konu Vigha to Maharasi"
"Sadhu charit shubh charit kapasu nivas bisad gon mayfal, tasu jo sahi dookh chidra durava vavdhiya wohi jag jos pava"  
The lives of saints and wonderful and divine besides being indescribable. Who can describe them or understand them? but avg. effort mode to make his words holy and to grasp some thing from the life of a successful gentlemanly saint is not worthless.  
Rev. Gurudev Shri Narayangiri's Father's name was Rev. Gulabgiri Bapu his mother's Name was maniba and he was born at village chavdli & in saurashtra region. The saint lost the guardianship of his father at a young age. Even then he faced the hardship and poverty of the difficult life with his mother's solace and faith in god. He never lost his faith in god and always kept on facing the hard ships Rev. Gurudev realized the worthlessness of life and its selfish relations.
Gurudev, his interest in life and Muhdan Matter began to recede. He thought of living the life of a saint, but it seemed impossible while carrying out the responsibilities of the whole family and arching a living for them. At that time he came in to coutoet of a detached saint from Kahi Kamli Asuram Rishikesh (Haridwar). His association with this saint went on for 18 days finally, Rev. Bapu stepped into the worldly life of a man an order of the saint but even while being in the worldly engagements, he began to live a non-attached life just as a lotus which is not wetted by water even though grows in water. Then he began a life style of achievements. He showed the human traits by implementing them in worldly life. He made the five traits of simplicity, service, diving association, truth and worship the mission of his life. He connected him self to god by his medication even while living in the mundane world and succeeded in both the fields of carrying on the worldly affairs and salvation.
The Rev. Saint placed importance on hard work and diligence. He said that if one does not understand the realistic affairs, how can he progress aheod on the way of salvation? one who learns to aet in reality, can make a fast progress on the path of salvation. Rev. Bapu alerted all his disciples. It was a painful partivg for his close disciples.
It was difficult for his close disciples and people in general to bade farewell to a saint who taught them now to live, awakened them from the slumber of allotment and showed them the true path of life. The lives of such non-attached, selfless men and for the welfare of others only. To satisfy the wishes of his disciples, Rev. Shri got prepared one Samadhi Mandir.
He celebrated the occasion of "Guru Purnima" in the Indian Era year 2045. this happened to be the last celebration for his material physical body. His soul rested in eternal Samadhi on Ashadh Vad 3rd, Saturday, just as he had predicted to all his disciples.
All the sadguru community and disciples still visit the Samadhi place of Rev. Shri Amar Jyoti Swaroop.
Here, sat sang Bhavan underground meditation hall, Boarding arrangements for disciples are maintained at this place.
Full moon day of every month, shiv Ratri permanent sat sang and the great occasion of gurupurnima are celebrated in the divine compound of Rev. Gurudeva.
All faithful disciples are making their hearty and self-less efforts to materialize the teachings of Rev.Gurudev and it is a special occurrence that Rev. Bapu still treads on this holy place with his subtle body. The Samadhi Mandir of Rev. Bapu is "Full of Life" and it has become a carve of faith for his disciples having faith in him.
Finnaly the five commands are motto of Rev. Bapu.
[1] Simplicity [2] Service [3] Divine Association [4] Truth [5] Worship.
It one accentsand puts into action even one of the above commands, he shall experience merger with "OM"
Sadguru devarapanam...
  Rev. Gurudev Smruti